​Melanie Miller

​Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller, L.OM, DiplOM

Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Herbologist

Melanie first experienced acupuncture in the early 1990s, when she sought help with sports injuries. She soon discovered that regular treatments also lessened her monthly menstrual symptoms. In her 30s, when Melanie began to develop seasonal allergies, she was able to use herbs to prevent allergic outbreaks, and enjoy Spring again!

After four years of studying acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, Melanie relocated to Philadelphia to join the vibrant wellness community here. The focus of her practice has primarily been the treatment of orthopedic injuries and joint pain, menstrual disorders, menopausal support, digestive conditions, and headaches and allergy symptoms. Melanie also has extensive experience working with HIV-positive patients and the transgender community.

While in school, Melanie participated in several hospital-based programs in New York. She provided low-cost acupuncture to women with chronic pain at NYU-Langone Initiative for Women with Disabilities, and learned about cancer support strategies at Mt Sinai-Beth Israel Cancer Care Continuum. Melanie has also been involved in outreach work, giving NADA acupuncture to survivors of sexual harassment/violence at the New York Asian Women’s Center (Pathways to Healing program), and providing free treatment to patients in recovery and the transgender community at Housing Works.

An avid yoga practitioner, Melanie is interested in helping women and men move vibrantly into their middle years – and beyond. She is excited about employing different methods to achieve good health, including nutrition, meditation and yoga breathing techniques. Melanie is also a certified reflexologist and Thai yoga therapist, and brings a hands-on approach to helping patients feel their best.

Melanie loves sharing her knowledge with different populations, and is thrilled to give people the tools they need to gain control of their health and well being.

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“I felt so nurtured and rejuvenated by Leigh’s touch. I’m in less pain and I feel the overall effect of her healing and therapeutic work.” 

Brigitta Hermann, Performance Artist, Choreographer, Movement Educator, Shamanic Practitioner