Rachel Langdon Smith

Rachel Langdon Smith

Rachel Smith is a versatile Massage Therapist formally trained and experienced in a broad range of modalities ranging from Swedish relaxation techniques to deep tissue and specialized techniques such as myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, reiki and trigger point therapy. She was educated at Cortiva Institute (Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy) and has been practicing therapeutic touch for over 20 years.

Rachel sees how body mind & spirit all are all interconnected and feed one another intrinsically. She incorporates many techniques to provide personalized massages to create space in the body so that healing can be facilitated. Whatever level pain or discomfort the client may be feeling Rachel has a unique ability to tap into & soothe muscle pain, chakra imbalance or just tired bones.

“The body is the record keeper of our experience and can be tapped into to relieve and release trauma as well as happy experiences through a nurturing strong touch”.

Rachel’s lifestyle includes having fun by being in nature, dancing, practicing Yoga, Meditation, drawing, eating great food & laughing as much as possible.

Rachel welcomes you to our 15th Street Location.

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When I’m in Philly visiting family and friends, I always make time in my schedule to head on over to Six Fishes Healing Arts! This group of compassionate, helpful healers is top notch, the best in town! This week I had fantastic and energizing Acupuncture (Cara) and a completely incredible and soothing multi-modality massage (Rachel) that chased all of my stress and pain away! Just walking in to the entry makes me feel less anxious and I know I’m in the hands of the most educated, capable, caring and talented practitioners in Philadelphia. They do their research and know their herbs and topicals. They’ve made great suggestions that traditional medical practitioners don’t mention. Don’t hesitate to make your first awesome appointment today! You’ll be really glad you did!