Cara’s Opening a New Office!


Sometime this summer, I will be opening a new practice in the Grays Ferry Triangle area of Philadelphia. The name of the practice will be Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture.

For some time, I have had the awareness that many people would get acupuncture treatment more frequently if it could more easily fit into their budget. Many people, like myself, who earn a comfortable living, but with school tuition, mortgages, insurance, don’t have a lot of extra money for self-care.

I recognized the significant growth of this end of the neighborhood. Right off of South Street, Near Naval Square, an entire block retail and residences that is being developed, close to Penn. Although it’s less than a mile from my current office, I found a happy, sunny retail spot with lots of street visibility.

The community acupuncture movement has served as an inspiration, however I have long held concerns about its limitations. Based on this, I am creating a mid-priced affordable acupuncture center, modeled after the hospital clinics that I visited in China.

Semi-private acupuncture treatments will be provided on massage tables separated by screens to provide full body acupuncture treatments. We expect to charge $40 per treatment, with discounts for seniors and students. For those who prefer total privacy, there will be small 2 private rooms. The fee for private acupuncture will not be discounted. Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture will treat people of every age in all phases of life.

The office will be decorated with Chinese Poster Art that I have been collecting.

We will carry a wide assortment of prepared herbal formulas in pill, granule and liquid form, but custom formulas will be dispatched to China Herb Company.

What about the current practice? It remains! Six Fishes Healing Arts on 15th Street will carry on as always providing expert private care for complex conditions. I will see move between both spaces, but I will still be headquartered at my current practice. My work is wedded to writing custom herb formulas. I will be hiring acupuncturists to work in the new space alongside me. I have been interviewing some wonderful practitioners who share my vision.

We are really excited to be a part of the Grays Ferry Triangle community. Everyone we meet has already heard about us and is so welcoming.

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Best Acupuncture & herbalist in Philadelphia – I went to see Cara with so many problems. I was having women issues, GI stomach problems, recovering from a Mercury Detox and just an overall feeling of BLAH. Cara brought me back to health with herbs and acupuncture. After getting healthy, I became pregnant and went back to her because I was a day late and fearful of getting induced. She naturally induced me and that night I gave birth. I have also had Cara do NAET on both my baby and myself. We both had soy allergies and today, I drink soy milk. Before when I would drink soy milk, the baby would get cradle cap but now..he has no reaction after I eat soy. I think she is great.