Come Learn at Six Fishes Free Community Lectures

Please join us for a series of community lectures. The events are free, but sign up is requested as space is limited. 

  • Medicine Cabinet Makeover: 10 Essential and Safe Herb Formulas to Have in the House: Sunday, February 28th 3:00pm
    • Chinese formulas may seem mysterious, but many are practical and effective. In this fun presentation, we’ll show you how to manage colds and flu, sinus infections, allergies and coughs, insomnia, indigestion and more with formulas that are safe for the entire family. We’ll taste herbs formulas and compare tinctures and pills. Products will be available for purchase. 
  • Little Fishes Wellness: Learn how Chinese Medicine can help your kids stay well. Sunday, March 20th 2:00pm
    • Are you searching for natural, safe, effective solutions to your child’s health problems? Please join us at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture for a warm evening of fun snacks, tips and tricks to relax you and your little fishes through winter and all year round using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Six Fishes, we focus on the core principles of wellness and how to safely support the physical, mental and emotional aspects of well-being in children.  Learn how Chinese medicine understands and treats children.  We will cover the basics on nutrition, relaxation, and breathing for stress relief and child friendly mindfulness tricks. This workshop is geared towards all parents with children of all ages.  Let’s work together to learn how Chinese Medicine can help us become empowered to create effective, lasting changes that will promote health, calm and balance for our children.
  • “Readying the Nest” Preconception planning and Fertility Sunday, April 24th 2:00pm
    • The decision to start growing your family is a major milestone. It marks the start of a journey filled with hope, excitement, and often, uncertainty. The planning stage is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to begin to “ready the nest.” Now is the time to lay the groundwork for a healthy pregnancy and a healthier overall lifestyle. Learn how Chinese medicine naturally supports a fertile foundation for women and men, and get answers to questions about ovulation, BBT charting, and optimal pre-conception nutrition. We’ll also address ways to find support if pregnancy becomes a challenge.

The lectures will be held at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture, 2308 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, 19146. You can sign up here. 

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Best combination acupuncture, herbologist, caregiver in her area. – Well, where to start:

I found Cara via a circuitous route of desperate calls and failed visits to Chinese ‘professionals’ to complement my traditional medicine. I’d been to Chinese doctors who, though I’m certain ‘knew their business’, were unable to extend a personal and caring element that I immediately felt when I contacted Cara. I knew as soon as I spoke to her on the phone, and spent a full 1/2 hour telling her of the myriad of coexistent problems I was experiencing. Though initially I contacted her for womens’ health issues and simple gallstones, eventually, I ended up with very serious health concerns that she was able to assist with as well. She weaves her natural approach to care with a solid awareness of traditional approaches, and - on the rare occasion when purely natural approach is not sufficient on its own - will recommend a solid combined approach. She is not focused solely on her own type of care, if a combination of several ends up helping her patient. It’s not even a question as to whether I would recommend her. I’ve done so repeatedly in the more than 10 years I’ve known her!