Free Community Lecture: "Readying the Nest"

Free Community Lecture:

By Brianna Eardley-Pryor, L.OM. M.AC.OM. and Brenda Levin, L.OM, DIPL.OM, MSOM, MSCN. 

We’re gearing up for “Readying the Nest,” a two hour workshop on April 17th led by Six Fishes Acupuncturists  Brianna Eardley-Pryor and Brenda Levin. It will be  packed with information about planning for conception. We’d like to help you make this precious preparation time an opportunity for maximizing your own wellbeing. To give you a taste for what we have in store for you, here are a couple of tidbits we’re sharing ahead of the workshop.

Fertility expert and acupuncturist Randine Lewis speaks about the importance of receptivity while preparing for pregnancy. Receptivity is how your body takes in, adapts, and responds positively to everyday life. It requires awareness, stillness, and space for restoration. One great method for finding stillness and restoring energy is meditation. It takes some practice, and guided meditations are a good start for those new to meditating. Deepak Chopra and Oprah offer a free meditation series at various times throughout the year, and there’s one happening right now. You can sign up here.

Licensed acupuncturists and herbalist, Brianna Eardley-Pryor, will be speaking about another great method for restoring your body’s energetic reserves, acupuncture. Many of our patients love acupuncture because they feel that special elixir of calm vitality after a treatment. Even better, research shows that acupuncture promotes fertility through a number of associated biomechanisms. We prioritize individualized care at Six Fishes, so each patient’s treatment goals vary, but here are some examples of how acupuncture promotes fertility and conception:

  • Regulating menstrual cycles, supporting regular ovulation
  • Increasing blood flow to the ovaries, thereby improving egg quality
  • Thickening the uterine lining, supporting implantation
  • Improving sperm quality

The Fertility Foundation sums it up nicely in this video.

Preparing one’s body for pregnancy can also be addressed through nutrition. Nutrition is a huge part of Chinese medicine in that when we address health and healing, we must always take care to support our Earth – i.e., our center, which is defined in Chinese medicine as our Stomach and Spleen. Nutrition is not just about dieting, but rather how we can receive and accept nourishment from external sources in the most sustainable way, appropriate to our hectic lifestyles and to best suit each of our individual needs. Nutritionist, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, Brenda Levin, will be speaking about ways of nourishing and preparing one’s body through diet and other nourishing behaviors, with simple food suggestions and tips.

We look forward to sharing much more about how Chinese medicine naturally supports a fertile foundation for women and men. Our trained experts will be on hand to answer your questions about optimal pre-conception nutrition, ovulation, and BBT charting. If you have a specific question about Chinese medicine and fertility you hope to get answered at the workshop, we’re inviting you to send us an email ahead of the workshop. If we can, we’ll work your question into our presentation on April 17. See you then!

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Compassionate Care – Cara Frank is wonderful. I have gone to her for two years and she has successfully treated me for both acute and chronic conditions. Her treatments and knowledge of herbs are amazing. Cara’s experience and wisdom is a rarity. Her new office is comfortable and she always treats me with kindness, respect and compassion. I would highly recommend her.