Happy Labor Day from Six Fishes! Internet/Schedule Updates

Happy Labor Day from Six Fishes! Internet/Schedule Updates


Here at Six Fishes, we feel strongly that every six months we should have a massive technological disaster. We hadn’t lived up to our goals of having a total system crash, so we decided to raise the bar: Unbeknownst to us, our migration from Verizon to Comcast led to a total cancellation of our email. Nothing satisfies Cara more than spending days on pointless tech support calls with nincompoops. We are SO SORRY if you have been unable to reach her. For the moment, her email address is caraofrank@gmail.com.

You can always reach the front desk at both offices: info@sixfishes.com

And thankfully, the phones still work:

SIx FIshes Healing Arts at 15th street: 215-772-0770

SIx FIshes Neighborhood Acupuncture at Grays Ferry 215-772-1040

Schedule Changes at Both Offices

Alas! Summer is over. As we move into fall, change is in the air with our schedules: You can always book an appointment 24/7 with our nifty app.

Six Fishes Healing Arts
750 South 15th Street

Cara Frank has had enough change for the moment. Her schedule remains the same: Tuesday and Thursday at 15th Street and Wednesday at Grays Ferry. You can read her bio or schedule an appointment.

Tansy Briggs is working on a new project and now will now only be seeing patients on Wednesdays at 15th street. You can read her bio or schedule an appointment.

Daniel Cordua’s schedule remains unchanged, however he will be traveling to India for 3 weeks from the last week in September through mid October. Hurry andbook an appointment with him before he leaves! He’s at Six FIshes Healing Arts on Monday’s Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. His bio can be found here.

Jennifer Harrison schedule also remains unchanged. You can book an amazing massage with her on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Her bio can be found here.

Six FIshes Neighborhood Acupuncture
2308 Grays Ferry Avenue

Cara Frank is sticking with Wednesday at Grays Ferry. Actually, she’s sticking youon Wednesday’s. Don’t you love lame acupuncture humor? Cara only sees private patients at this office. You can read her bio or schedule an appointment.

Lynnae Schwartz’s schedule remains the same: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Grays Ferry, however, she is now only accepting private patients. Here’s her bio orschedule an appointment.

Karla Renaud will continue seeing both semi-private patients and private patients. Karla also is available for herbal consultations. She’ll be seeing patients on Monday, and Thursday afternoons and Tuesday and Friday mornings. Here’s a link to her bioand her schedule.

Joseph Goldfedder will interrupt his busy crocheting schedule to treat you on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and on Saturday mornings. Here’s a link to his bio and his schedule.

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In January of 2016 I had an hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This test showed that both of my fallopian tubes were blocked at the midsections. Although never diagnosed, I believe the blockages were due to endometriosis, which caused scar tissue around my fallopian tubes. The fertility specialist that performed the HSG told us that we would never conceive naturally, ie without IVF. I came to Cara in May of 2016 with blind hope. The initial consultation was in depth and covered many aspects of my health, emotional state and lifestyle. I finally felt that I was being listened to about my health issues and concerns. She guided me through dietary changes and supplements after that initial 2 hour appointment. Then we started with acupuncture and herbs and I soon noticed a difference with my periods. We monitored my cycles together. Through the whole process I never let myself lose hope and Cara was my cheerleader through it all! In Jan of 2017 I felt it was time to get another HSG to see if any progress had been made. To schedule this I needed to see a fertility specialist. We went to a different medical office and this specialist took a brief glance at my chart from my previous fertility testing and continued to council me on IVF as my only option. The fertility doctor was reluctant to order me another HSG, but finally agreed to write an order for the testing. My GYN performed the HSG in February of 2017 and to everyone’s surprise, BOTH tubes were completely OPEN. Despite having turned 40, we conceived naturally the next month and now I have a very active (downright wiggly) 5 month old. If it wasn’t for Cara Frank my daughter wouldn’t be here. I can never thank her enough for my little fish!