​3 Simple Tips to Avoid Hidden Hormone Disruptors

​3 Simple Tips to Avoid Hidden Hormone Disruptors

By Lexie Fleege

With our Receptive Nest Workshop coming up in just over a month, we will be covering tips on how to safely plan preconception. One of the bigger topics we will be discussing is the detoxification of the home, and creating a safe space to nurture your fertility and family.

We all know about the visible toxins in the environment, like smog, and pollutants in the water. But what about the ones that sneak up on us, hidden even in our homes?

Endocrine disruptors mimic the naturally occurring hormones in our bodies such as estrogen, androgen and thyroid hormones, and cause a response in the body. They may block, inhibit, or cause an inappropriate bodily responses, which makes them a catalyst for a wide range of health problems.

Unfortunately, there are large amounts of endocrine disruptors present in our daily lives. They range from BPAs in water bottles, PCBs in cosmetics, and even in some of our food.

We can avoid these chemicals by making a few simple changes:

Here’s our top 3 tips:

1. Make the switch to glass.

switch from plastic containers for water bottles to a reusable glass containers. Not only can we reduce the amount of waste in the environment, but we also avoid BPAs. Switching to glass is also a safer option in storing foods, as fatty foods tend to absorb disruptors like phthalates easier, and phthalates are released in extreme temperatures - similar to when we reheat leftovers or store them in the freezer.

2. Switch to natural cosmetics.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body! We apply these products directly to our skin, and they are easily be absorbed. What’s interesting is that European safety standards in the beauty industry surpass those in the US, so it may be worth it to consider using European products, or take a tip from Alicia Keys and wear less makeup altogether. You’re beautiful just the way you are! There are also alternative options to shampoos and conditioners, perfumes, and sunscreens, which tend to be full of parabens. Parabens were introduced in cosmetics to prevent bacteria growth in the product. However, they are xenoestrogens, which mimic and disrupt natural estrogen production. Use caution when purchasing, and be sure to look for additional known disruptors such as oxybenzone. Check out our blog on sunscreen and more summer skin tips here.

3. Consider your clothes! 

Makeup isn’t the only thing we are applying to our skin. Look for all natural detergents, and try using an alternative to dryer sheets, such as moistening a cloth with water and adding an essential oil to toss in with your clothes. Try using green cleaning products, too. Vinegar and baking soda can be as effective as well-known specialty brands, and won’t leave streaks, either. Looking for some more ideas? Pop over to our Pinterest board for more ideas on homemade detergent, disinfectants, and cleaners.

What are some of your tips and mindful switches around the house? For more information on how these chemicals effect our bodies and to learn more about the environmental influences on preconception, come to the Receptive Nest Workshop on June 4th! We would love to see you there. 

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