Join Rise Gatherings Annual Weekend Retreat

Join Rise Gatherings Annual Weekend Retreat

We love the work that Rachel Rubin and Tami Astorino do. They gather women for wellness retreats- created to empower women  and inspire your well being through unique and accessible experiences designed to embrace all of who you are!

Day long retreats occur throughout the year and then once yearly, they hold a weekend retreat. 

Rise Gatherings annual Weekend Getaway is an opportunity for women to take a break from their everyday and give care to themselves. This retreat experience is held in the Pocono Mountains and enlists facilitators and practitioners from around the country to gift wisdom, inspiration and tools to positively impact your wellness and womanhood. Choose the workshop activities and classes that you wish to enjoy and participate in!

Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 1

Trails End Camp, Pocono Mountains

A range of accommodation styles are offered from private cottages to communal bunks. Cost is all inclusive - meals, accommodations and activities.

Make sure to use the code SIXFISHES for 10% off! 

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