Join us for Poke Your Pain Away

Join us for Poke Your Pain Away

Please join Six Fishes acupuncturist and herbalist Kelly Scott, L.OM. on Sunday March 24th for our FREE community workshop, Poke Your Pain Away. 

All kinds of pain is the number one reason that people seek acupuncture. 

This workshop will walk you through the benefits of Acupuncture, herbal formulas, diet and lifestyle to recover from acute injuries, safely, and naturally manage chronic pain and have you back in your life! 

Check out Kelly’s blog from last year where she shares her Top 3 Tips for Living Pain-Fre

Want to know more? We’ve been blogging about pain for years. Here’s some of what we’ve shared with you:

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About Kelly Scott, L.OM:

An avid runner, Kelly was introduced to Chinese Medicine while training for the Philadelphia Marathon after finding herself benched by chronic knee problems. So impressed with how effective acupuncture was, she was inspired to enroll in acupuncture school.

Kelly integrates Eastern and Western medicine to achieve the best results. Utilizing acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical massage, and exercise, she treats a wide range of conditions including acute and chronic pain, woman’s health issues, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and immune conditions.

Kelly is living her passion everyday with Chinese Medicine. She is committed to helping her patients connect with their body’s innate wisdom and internal resources to heal themselves.

She looks forward to helping you achieve vibrant health along with the Six Fishes team. She see patients on Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s at our Grays Ferry Location. Schedule your appointment with Kelly

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Best combination acupuncture, herbologist, caregiver in her area. – Well, where to start:

I found Cara via a circuitous route of desperate calls and failed visits to Chinese ‘professionals’ to complement my traditional medicine. I’d been to Chinese doctors who, though I’m certain ‘knew their business’, were unable to extend a personal and caring element that I immediately felt when I contacted Cara. I knew as soon as I spoke to her on the phone, and spent a full 1/2 hour telling her of the myriad of coexistent problems I was experiencing. Though initially I contacted her for womens’ health issues and simple gallstones, eventually, I ended up with very serious health concerns that she was able to assist with as well. She weaves her natural approach to care with a solid awareness of traditional approaches, and - on the rare occasion when purely natural approach is not sufficient on its own - will recommend a solid combined approach. She is not focused solely on her own type of care, if a combination of several ends up helping her patient. It’s not even a question as to whether I would recommend her. I’ve done so repeatedly in the more than 10 years I’ve known her!