Six Fishes Statement of Inclusion

Six Fishes Statement of Inclusion

Cara O. Frank, L.OM.

This week I had the unexpected experience of losing a patient because of my personal political beliefs. This person, who was a Facebook “friend” on my personal page, accused me of being a “relentless” liberal. My profile picture with the great, esteemed Congressman John Lewis, who last year was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in our great city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, was attacked and denigrated. I have spent the week struggling with many emotions, ranging from concern, disbelief, anger. My personal social media pages reflect my lifestyle and political leanings, yet I focus the Six Fishes business page to helpful articles, blogs and messages of positivity.

Six Fishes Healing Arts is an acupuncture practice, founded by me and is devoted to helping all people with skill, dignity, and respect.

This is our mission statement:

“The mission of Six Fishes is to promote health and healing for people in every phase of life. We believe that Chinese medicine is a practical modality to treat disease, alleviate suffering and promote wellness. We are passionate about life-long learning. We share our expertise and scholarship with our patients, students and other practitioners with a spirit of generosity. It is our joy to enhance the health and wellbeing of the Philadelphia community with Chinese medicine”

I, as well as the wonderful practitioners that work with me in the practice, are committed to providing a safe space for alleviating physical and emotional pain, and to help our patients live vibrantly. Great care and thought has gone into creating a happy and healing space. I feel strongly that your treatment begins when you walk in the door and are greeted warmly. We welcome all people and we respect and we celebrate our differences.

To every person who seeks our help:

Whatever your religion- you are welcome at Six Fishes

No matter what your race is - you are welcome at Six Fishes

However you identify your gender- we respect and celebrate you at Six Fishes

Regardless of your political beliefs- you too are welcome at Six Fishes

May we all be beacons of light.

With love,


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