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During the November 6th election Proposition-37 in California failed to pass. Proposition 37 would have required labeling of foods to reflect GMO content and to prevent processed foods from being labeled “natural”. Prop-37 offered hope that all manufacturers of GMO and processed foods would be required to adequately label their products in California. This requirement would put forward an effort to keep labels cost effective and lead the way towards proper GMO labeling on the national level.

As 2012 comes to a close, I am thinking about honesty, integrity and my clients’ right to make good decisions for their bodies. Much of our world is shrouded in mystery. Our homes are filled with chemicals, surfactants and potentially toxic cleansers produced by manufactures, who are not required to disclose the proprietary blends of the products they market to you and your families.

For 16 years I have strived to use and make body products that I could understand and trust. The largest organ of the body is the dermis (the skin). Our bodies need nourishment internally and externally. Minerals, antioxidants and less positive chemical cocktails can readily pass through the skin and into the bloodstream. That being said, I have begun to only put on my skin wholesome things I would feel comfortable putting in my mouth.

The range of lotions, oils salves and essential oils available for use at Six Fishes Healing Arts reflect my approach. When you look at the ingredient lists, the individual components are simple, identifiable and natural. You may need a plant guide to help decipher the Latin on the labels, but I know there is no hydroxy-methyl-poly-sulphates on our shelves. Olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, healing herbs, essential oils to name a few are mixed with attention to detail and purchased in small batches to ensure freshness and seasonal propriety.

Common allergens have been on our minds along with sensitive skin. All our massage oils are free of gluten contaminants and nut oils. For those who prefer an unscented experience, we also provide grape seed oil or olive oil. Rest assured those of you suffering from swelling and achy joints, the pain relieving gels and analgesics by Sombra used here are just as simple and clean. The fact that Sombra contains no intense unnatural dyes and no petrochemicals just adds to its reputation as a stellar topical pain reliever.

When you’re feeling emotional and wish to use your senses to pull you into a warmer sweeter healing space, our essential oils will support you. At Six Fishes, we strive to keep our essential oils organic and naturally processed. In fact, the Lavender essential oils are grown, harvested and distilled by my friends at Harvest Moon Farms in Northern California.

I always look forward to curate a lineup of lotions oils and products that will help you look and feel your best for years to come. For those who may be interested, the products used at Six Fishes Healing Arts can be purchased for home use.

Jennifer Harrison

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I have been going to see Cara for years now. I had been going for a while when I found out my son had allergies. He was about 7 years old at the time. The pediatrician wanted to put him on a few different medications. I was not comfortable with having him take all of these everyday. I took him to see Cara and he went to a series of appointments with her till we found out what triggers his allergies. He liked going to see her and would always ask when he was going back to see her again. She was so great with him! He now takes a concentrate formula that Cara prescribed for him everyday. I can always tell if he does not take his medicine. It works perfectly for him.