​The Benefits of Dry Brushing

​The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Jennifer Harrison, CMT, HHP

In our hurried lives, we seek practices that save time and have tangible benefits. Dry Brushing is one of those practices that just makes sense to include in your daily ritual. A quick daily sweep of the body can exfoliate and smooth your skin without harmful chemical exposure, improve your circulation and jump-start a sluggish immune system.

Various dry brushing techniques are popular in the bathing cultures of Europe, Korea and Japan. In ancient Greece and Rome, athletes would cleanse after training using similar techniques.


Select a natural bristle brush or loofah. Using light pressure allows superficial skin cells to slough off, while subtle friction performs double duty by increasing blood flow to your skin and helping to gently move lymphatic fluid. Say Goodbye to dull ashy skin and Hello, to glowing rosy perfection!

Dry brushing not only helps improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid but can also stimulate production of white blood cells that strengthen your immune system. 
A healthy lymphatic system continually produces lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). These specialized cells stimulate the immune system by producing antibodies to neutralize foreign objects such as virus and bacteria.

As your dry brush strokes overlap slightly, a sense of warmth and tingling become apparent due to an increase in topical circulation and nerve stimulation. This type of nervous system stimulation energizes the body and can easily replace that second cup of coffee. 
For those of you who suffer from swelling or edema, dry brushing in conjunction with moderate exercise such as brisk walking may reduce your swelling considerably.

Complete instructions on how to use your dry brush properly are included with every brush purchase at Six Fishes Healing Arts. If you already have a brush on hand, I highly recommend being acquainted with this great practice!

To cleanse your brush after use, use a few drops of liquid soap (I use a tea tree oil soap for extra kick) with a bit water to create lather between the bristles. Rinse well and hang to dry in a sunny location.

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