Tune Up Your Complexion with our 5- Minute Facial Workout

Tune Up Your Complexion with our 5- Minute Facial Workout

Beata Maslanka, L.OM.

Have you heard about acupuncture facial rejuvenation? Nowadays, many people have experienced its benefits. Using very tiny needles, rollers, cupping and massage, we can help stimulate circulation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of the skin. I love how these methods not only enhance outer beauty, but they also help to improve your health. Now, I’d like to share with you some simple self-massage techniques that I share with my patients. 

Acupuncture and acupressure facial treatments have been kept secret for centuries in the Chinese Imperial Court. The emperors hired the brightest medical minds to develop beauty treatments for themselves, their wives and their concubines.

These beauty-enhancing techniques come down to us thorough healing practices of Buddhism, Taoism and of course Chinese Traditional Medicine. Modern research has shown that acupuncture and acupressure can stimulate collagen in the skin, leading to a firmer appearance.

Did you know that you don’t even need needles to tone your face? Just like acupuncture, acupressure is a powerful tool that you can use at home to care for your face, your body, slow down the aging process, minimize acne, smooth some wrinkles and firm up your skin! 


  • First, prepare your skin by rubbing your palms together 10 times until they become warm.
  • Using gentle pressure, place your palms over your face: forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and neck.
  • Next, gently rub your face using small circles, in the same order as when you wash your face.
  • Now, let’s do some acupressure. We are going to press certain areas on your face with a firm pressure for 5 seconds.
  • First, use your index finger to press the middle end of your eyebrows then the middle and the end. Count out loud from 1 to 5. Yes, it might feel sore but that’s because they are pressure points!
  • Now, using your index, middle and ring fingers, press on you temple area - count from 1 to 5 again.
  • Move your fingers to press under the cheekbone (don’t get too close to the eyes- the skin is delicate here- no pressure zone) and then vertically around your nose, from the bottom to the top.
  • Next, place your index finger at the corner of your chin and slowly press and move your finger towards your chin.
  • Repeat the whole workout 3 times and then repeat daily. It only takes 5 minutes once you learn the technique

Over two weeks time, observe how your face changes! You’ll notice a smoother complexion, less acne, a more even skin tone and greater firmness.

For the very best results, your daily face workout can be combined with acupuncture facial rejuvenation and herbal remedies. Before using drugs or surgery to improve your appearance, consider us. It is an effective, natural and time- tested method.

About Beata

Beata was born and raised in Poland. When she was 19 she and her family followed their dream and moved to Philadelphia. .From an early age Beata was interested in health, wellness and healing. She started studying acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2002. As a global citizen, she loves traveling. Since graduating from acupuncture school, she has practiced the art all over the world including the US, Europe and onboard of a cruise ship.

Beata studied acupuncture facial rejuvenation with Ping Zhang, L.Ac, a pioneer and renowned expert in the field of anti-aging Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac, a creator of Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System.

Currently, Beata is a practitioner at Six Fishes Healing Arts and Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture in Philadelphia. Read her full bio, and schedule an 


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Best Acupuncture & herbalist in Philadelphia – I went to see Cara with so many problems. I was having women issues, GI stomach problems, recovering from a Mercury Detox and just an overall feeling of BLAH. Cara brought me back to health with herbs and acupuncture. After getting healthy, I became pregnant and went back to her because I was a day late and fearful of getting induced. She naturally induced me and that night I gave birth. I have also had Cara do NAET on both my baby and myself. We both had soy allergies and today, I drink soy milk. Before when I would drink soy milk, the baby would get cradle cap but now..he has no reaction after I eat soy. I think she is great.