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Welcome to Six Fishes new website! Although I have always received great feedback about the old site, it was in needs of refreshing. We have lightened up the look of it and I finally have a blog feed and space to post articles with information about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, nutrition and wellness.

Blog posts will be mostly topical, relating to Chinese medicine, but will also dovetail with other parts of my personal and professional life. They will be directed at both patients, as well as practitioners.

For those of that know me, and those who wish to know me, you are aware that in addition to a busy practice that is focused mainly on internal medicine, women’s health and pain management. I also oversee the Chinese herb department at the Won Institute of graduate studies, I am in the home stretch of a 45 chapter book on case histories of ear, eyes, nose and throat disorders and I own a compounding herb dispsary that services my practice as well as other practitioners near and far.

I also am a city gardener. Owning two homes next door to one another in the city allowed me to create an amazing urban oasis. Stay tuned for pics of this year’s garden as it gets planted and grows.

I love to cook and used to do it professionally, first in my mother’s natural foods restaurant in Brooklyn and then up the ladder to fancy French restaurants. I’m glad I get to live in such a vibrant food town.

I am honored to share my office with two skilled practitioners: Tansy Briggs, L.OM, an acupuncturist with a specialty in homeopathy. Also, new to Six Fishes is Jennifer Harrison, LMT. Jennifer is a masseuse with broad and comprehensive training in a variety of modalities and massage techniques.

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Cara Frank is an outstanding practitioner. She treated me for fertility issues and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would not have my child were it not for her expertise and dedication.

She arranged for a practitioner from another group to meet me in the suburbs, so that I could get acupuncture immediately before and after my embryo transfer, since it was scheduled when she was seeing patients in the city. When our embryo wasn’t growing well, my fertility doc said the pregnancy was “unlikely to be successful”, and there was nothing else that Western Medicine had to offer, Cara’s acupuncture and herbs literally saved his life. I know it sounds crazy but, as a physician and fertility patient, I was far too familiar with how these situations usually end up.

Along the way, she has also treated my migraines, diagnosed my hypothyroidism, and kept my blood pressure in a safe range. Her emphasis on the important connection of diet and healthy, as well as her knowledge of food, are exceptional and significantly contribute to the unique and unparalleled experience of being in her care.

Erin S.