​Why We Offer Private and Semi-Private Acupuncture Treatments at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture

​Why We Offer Private and Semi-Private Acupuncture Treatments at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture

Karla Renaud, L.OM.

Why We Offer Private and Semi-Private Acupuncture Treatments 

Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture is committed to improving the health and wellness of the community and we want to offer the kind of care you need at a good value.

Our motto is Chinese Medicine for All and we really believe this.

We are committed to providing the best care from highly experienced practitioners, while giving you good value and flexibility with your budget and time.

We treat people of every age and with a wide range of health problems: from simple complaints, like a sprained ankle or a common cold to complex health conditions, like cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Based on this, our clinic offers two similar, but different services: Private and Semi-private (or community) acupuncture treatments.

So, what’s the difference between the Private and the Semi-private treatments, and which is best for you? Here’s a summary to help you decide:

Private Acupuncture

The practitioners Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture include a physician-acupuncturist, an author, educators and scholars who have advanced training in complex diseases that include neurological disorders, pain, EENT disorders and dermatology.

Private acupuncture treatment is the best option for those with multiple health concerns that are difficult to diagnose and treat. People with conditions such as autoimmune disorders, reproductive health and fertility, neurological disorders, cancer support, dermatology or those on multiple medications also fall into this category.

These cases require advanced diagnostic skills and the use of the full range of modalities: acupuncture, individualized herb formulas, nutritional counseling as well as other techniques that take more time, such as cupping, gua sha, massage, seven star needle tapping, etc.

You may also wish to be in a private room if you need to disrobe to work on more widespread or sensitive areas of the body. Finally, this is the best option for people who simply wish for greater privacy, more quiet and personalized attention.

New patient private appointments are up to 90 minutes dedicated to you. We allow up to one full hour for a detailed intake and health history, and then you spend 20-30 minutes relaxing during your treatment. When is the last time you had any health or medical appointment with that much time spent evaluating you, your health history and your specific conditions, plus an effective treatment?

Private follow up appointments are an hour, consisting of 30 minutes with the acupuncturist that includes herb formula readjustment, which is necessary as your condition changes. Then you have 30 more minutes to relax with the needles.

Private Acupuncture FAQs

  • New appointments allow up to 90 minutes to conduct a detailed health history interview, perform acupuncture treatments as well as other techniques such as cupping, gua sha or plum blossom needling, plus discuss individualized herb formulation and nutrition.
  • Follow up appointments last 60 minutes to reassess then do acupuncture and other techniques, plus herb formula readjustment.
  • Treatments are in a private room with soothing music and dim lights. We give you a wireless doorbell to call us in for anything you need while you are relaxing during your treatment.

Semi-private Acupuncture

Some people seek relief for simpler problems, such as knee pain or sciatica. They likely need only acupuncture, and don’t need customized herb formulas, nutritional counseling or other special hand-on techniques.

For some conditions, we can acheive better results with frequent, shorter acupuncture treatments. This is often the case with fertility where frequent treatments are proven to yield better outcomes. Finally, Sometimes the budget is just too tight for private acupuncture.

This is why we offer acupuncture in a beautiful, soothing, open area with massage tables that are separated by drapes. Most community acupuncture treatments are done in reclining chairs. We chose massage tables so that we can treat the back or abdomen to provide a full body acupuncture treatment.

Semi-private appointments for new patients are 30 minutes. The intake is in the front consultation office, offering complete privacy. For all treatments, you can rest assured that you can speak with the acupuncturist complete respect and discretion. Then your acupuncture treatment is in the curtained area.

The follow up appointments are 15 minutes long, which gives enough time to chat about progress and do acupuncture. Then you can relax while the needles work for 30-45 more minutes.

Semi-private Acupuncture FAQs

  • New appointments allow 30 minutes with the acupuncturist to do initial health history interview and perform acupuncture, then you can relax 30 minutes $60.
  • Follow up appointments allow 15 minutes to reassess and treat with acupuncture, then relax 30-45 minutes $40.
  • Treatments are in a soothing communal area where tables are separated by drapes. Soothing music and very brief quiet talking while the acupuncturist treats other patients.

If you are not sure which you would need, we are happy to discuss this with you and recommend the best fit for your situation.

You may need to start out with longer private treatments, and as your health improves, you could move to semi-private treatments for the maintenance stage. We may also suggest that you come once or twice a month for a more involved private session to readjust the herb formula or do other techniques such as cupping, but in between, come for weekly semi-private acupuncture-only sessions.

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Best Acupuncture & herbalist in Philadelphia – I went to see Cara with so many problems. I was having women issues, GI stomach problems, recovering from a Mercury Detox and just an overall feeling of BLAH. Cara brought me back to health with herbs and acupuncture. After getting healthy, I became pregnant and went back to her because I was a day late and fearful of getting induced. She naturally induced me and that night I gave birth. I have also had Cara do NAET on both my baby and myself. We both had soy allergies and today, I drink soy milk. Before when I would drink soy milk, the baby would get cradle cap but now..he has no reaction after I eat soy. I think she is great.