Cara Discusses How to Safely Give Herbs to Children with Robin Ray Green

Wondering if herbal medicine is safe for your child? Or how to dose herbs to be most effective? What about herb safety if you’re nursing? In today’s FB Video Interview I’m chatting with master herbalist, acupuncturist, and author Cara Frank of China Herb Company we’ll get to the heart of these questions! Learn more about Robin’s work and stay up to date with lots of great advice to keep your kids happy and healthy with her on Facebook live

Cara Frank, Dipl. OM, L.OM, Founder, Six Fishes Chinese Medicine

Grow Cook Heal Podcast

Cara's featured in episode 12 of The Grow Cook Heal Podcast. We make a 5 element salad. I hope you enjoy it!

Radio America

Cara was interviewed by Sheryl Hongsermeier on her show Sticking to the Point on Radio America. This interview explores the art and practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Topics covered were the differences in using Western herbs and Chinese herbal preparations and examining the many uses and methods of dispensing herbal medicine. This is from November 19, 2013

Everyday Acupuncture Podcast

What every sinus sufferer should know: Sinus issues are something that everyone at some point in time will deal with. It might be the constant drippy nose and sneezing of allergy season. The occasional winter bug making the rounds. Or a long term predisposition to sinus infections, sinus headaches or the various mold and pollen allergies. Our guest on today’s show, Cara Frank, has decades of experience treating sinus issues with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Listen in for effective clinically proven herbal solutions, and some simple things you can do to knock the snot out of your congested sinuses!

Pin Point Performance Podcast, part 1

| Cara’s Start (2:26) 1988 Cara “Gets Busted” Practicing Underground (10:10) Studying Herbs in China (11:20) Restarting in the States (11:56) China Herb Company (1991-present) (12:52) Six Fishes Chinese Medicine (14:57) Regulations for Herb Company (15:17) Custom Formulas/Transparency (16:47) Chinese Sports Medicine (Herbal Formulas) (18:23) Icing: Undermining the Healing Process? (19:54) Topical “Herbal Ice” (22:10) Acute Sports Injury Herbal Treatment Strategies (25:39) Phase 1: Acute Injury (27:14) Phase 2: Sub-Acute Injury (31:57) Topical Herbal Remedies (38:54) Internal Herbal Remedies (43:18) Phase 3: Chronic Sports Injuries (46:00) Phase 3 Herbal Remedies (48:28) Chad Summary of pt. 1(54:01)

Pin Point Performance Podcast, part 2

Chad Intro (0:33) Chronic Sports Injuries Continued (1:20) Treatment Planning/Supporting Constitution For Athletes (7:54) Overexercising (Depleting Yin and Yang) (11:14) Treating Allergies and Colds During Training (16:44) Case Study Sports Injury: DeQuervain’s Syndrome/Upper Crossed Syndrome (25:29) Pre/Post-Surgery Herbs (38:03) Post-Surgery Acupuncture (41:44) The Dangers of Smoothies (42:50) Cara’s Words of Wisdom for Starting a Business (45:31) The Importance of Specialization (47:05) Cara’s Plugs (50:10) Closing (54:08) Alex Outro (54:31)

The only place to go for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine if you live in the Philadelphia area. I have been going to Cara for years and she is the best!! She has treated me for many issues. She has also treated my son for allergies. I could not be happier with everyone there! All of the staff is friendly and appointments run on time. I drive up from the burbs and parking is not bad at all. If you are looking for someone who cares and is the best at what they do make an appointment today!!

Michelle H.