Six Fishes believes everyone should feel comfortable living their own truths. We’re here to help you heal and grow, and to foster a sense of belonging and mutual understanding between our patients, staff, and local community. The fight for equality has come a long way and still has long to go. At Six Fishes, we continually strive for positive and inclusive change for all. 

We’re all beautifully unique and finding quality health care providers, who understand and support us as individuals, is an important feat for just about anyone. This may be an especially pressing concern for members of the LGBTQ community however, who could have previously faced discrimination, exclusion, or stigma within their health care experiences. 

Whether its due to actual or perceived discrimination, a lack of understanding or sensitivity by heath care providers and staff, or inadequate access to quality health care, LGBTQ community members are statistically less likely to access health care than are their non-LGBTQ counter parts. Its time to challenge this, but first - lets get real about health care and the LGBTQ community:

- LGBTQ populations report higher rates of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

- Lower rates of mammography and Pap smear screenings

- Higher rates of substance abuse

- Higher rates of smoking

- Higher rates of depression, anxiety

- Higher rates of violence victimization 

- In a 2009 survey of LGBT adults, 56% of LBG respondents and 70% of transgender and gender nonconforming respondents reported experiencing at least one incident of discrimination in a health care setting.

Its imperative that education and affirmation be at the forefront of the health industry in order to challenge the atmosphere and increase the quality of care for LGBTQ populations. There are plenty of resources to help health care providers and office staff to better understand and adequately treat LGBTQ patients - the American Medical Association and the National LGBT Health Education Center are good places to start. 

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community who is currently or has previously experienced discomfort within your journey to health we want to offer you the warmest welcome to heal with us at Six Fishes. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are powerful tools for quelling depression and anxiety, curbing substance abuse, and addressing pain or traumas - our practitioners and front desk staff are here for you every day of the week. 


  • Help balance side effects from gender affirming hormone therapies
  • Helps reduce scars from gender affirming surgeries
  • Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • Enhances Fertility