• Bec Jimenez, L.Ac

    Bec Jimenez, L.Ac


    Bec specializes in treating reproductive health issues, specifically PCOS, PMDD, and infertility. She is a graduate of the Won Institute in Glenside, PA, where she earned her Masters' degree in Acupuncture. Bec believes that to truly heal, you must treat and honor the body, mind, and spirit. When all three aspects of the person are addressed, full health and wellness can be obtained. Bec was initially introduced to acupuncture when it helped her break an 8-year long nicotine addiction while helping her reverse her own PCOS and hormonal imbalances.

    An eternal student, Bec loves learning new cutting edge ways of treating patients ease pain and stress levels using advanced neuro-acupuncture techniques, and she is excited to have the resources with us to continue to grow and finesse these techniques.


    What brings you joy?

    Being in connection with others one on one brings me immense joy. There's nothing like connecting with someone on a deep level where no words are needed. It is the biggest compliment to have a patient truly let their hair down during treatment —literally and figuratively! This is why I love working at six fishes—the ability to connect with patients and go deep in their care physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • how I work

    What’s your superpower?

    Definitely my intuition. I often know exactly what patients need before they even open their mouths. Body language tells me what I need to know, and I proceed with love and careful attention. I use this to hone in on areas of pain, disharmony, and stress. I also love electro-acupuncture and think it works beautifully in conjunction with the body's own electric system, often offering a nice *boost* to treatment. I love this method for scars because it expedites the skin's ability to undergo cellular renewal to repair the tissue and regain sensation to the affected area. This enables me to help heal scars from car accidents, c-sections, mastectomy, and gender-affirming surgery.
  • who I am

    What was before Six Fishes?

    I am fluent in Spanish, as my family comes from the Dominican Republic and creating a culturally inclusive practice is important to me. After immigrating to NYC, my family moved to Massachusetts, where I was raised. Before Six Fishes, I was living in Boston, working at a nonprofit as an IT specialist. Organizing system databases wasn't a passion. After treatment helped me break an 8-year long nicotine addiction and reversed my own PCOS and hormonal imbalances. So I left to go to acupuncture school.

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