• Julie Price, L.Ac.

    Julie Price, L.Ac.

    Acupuncturist at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture

    Julie’s acupuncture training centered on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five-Phase, Japanese, and Korean acupuncture styles. She’s also been a yoga instructor since 2015. Her focus on alignment and breath gives her work a robust body-centered perspective.

    Working closely with geriatric patients, students and teens, large groups, and individuals has prepared her to treat a wide range of internal medicine disorders in addition to harmonizing the psychological and spiritual realms.
    Naturally, with this background, Julie specializes in treating musculoskeletal problems, such as spinal injuries, general back pain, postural misalignments, and athletic injuries.

  • Chinese Medicine love story

    What brings you joy?

    I discovered acupuncture around the time I was diving more deeply into yoga and western astrology, so it was a time of exploration into how ancient people understood life according to the natural world around them. I decided to pursue acupuncture as a career after meeting Cara at Six Fishes, in fact. She and the other acupuncturists helped me through a minor health crisis. I was so impressed by how the space at Six Fishes made me feel, I decided I wanted to play a greater role in this remarkable medicine.
  • how I work

    What's your super power?

    As someone who has never been interested in small talk or superficial conversations, I am a compassionate listener to help people work through their pain. The pain caused by both physical and emotional trauma is not something we must be resigned to. Real change is possible. I work especially well with those experiencing menstrual issues, digestive upsets, and upper back tension, often caused by regular daily stressors. I also excel in treating sciatica and lower back pain. My background as a yoga instructor gives me an insight into how different stretches and postural adjustments can help those experiencing many different types of pain.
  • who I am

    What was before Six Fishes?

    Before Six Fishes, I taught yoga and English as a second language in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied English education in college and am a big fan of poetry, and am a teacher at heart. I always give my patients homework to help them accelerate their own healing. Although I don't spend as much time reading these days, I do watch a good amount of good TV--shows these days are like novels, right?--and I apply the same literary analysis to these shows and love talking themes.

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