• Zia Frank

    Zia Frank

    Manager of Six Fishes

    Zia Frank is the face of the Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture office located right in the middle of the bustling Grays Ferry Triangle.

    Working with her mother, wasn’t the plan, But Cara and Zia find working with each other to be harmonious and incredibly rewarding.

    Having grown up in her mothers’ practice, she’s had acupuncture and herb treatment since she was an infant. This makes her uniquely qualified to run the office. As a manager, she pulls from her experience in the service industry, enjoying the fast-paced office and having a special rapport with every patient. Her degree in graphic design enables her to take on all of Six Fishes’ graphics, from branding and business cards to web design.

  • background

    Before Six Fishes

    Zia graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After, she pursued a career in graphic design at an advertising agency where she worked on campaigns, brands, and social media. These days, her real joy is freelancing.
  • What I Love

    Outside of the office

    Outside of the office, she is involved with pro bono work for talented female entrepreneurs around the city, knowing how important a strong branding can elevate a good cause.
  • How I Work

    What does the Future Hold?

    Her role at six fishes has evolved and expanded so much during her tenure as she partners her mothers’ vision for Six Fishes Mission. Each step has been an exciting challenge, and she intends to help the business grow for many more years to come.

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