We think CBD is FTW!

We think CBD is FTW!

One thing Six Fishes strives to do is look towards natural methods for treatment. If you’ve ever received a custom formula of dried herbs, you may see an array of dried roots, wood or bark, mushrooms, and many other natural components. We’re excited to include CBD to Six Fishes’ holistic medicine.

So what exactly is CBD? CBD is short-hand for Cannabidiol, a group of compounds found in hemp seeds with non-psychoactive properties and significant medicinal benefits.

CBD is not an illegal or recreational drug. Regulated by the USDA, these hemp products predominantly contain CBD versus THC, which is found in cannabis. It doesn’t induce a feeling of being high. Instead, it alleviates pain and helps reduce spasms, inflammation, and anxiety, making it an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, seizures, MS, autism, and ADHD. CBD is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and antioxidant properties that could help fight neurodegenerative disorders.

We carry a variety of CBD products to assist with pain and inflammation relief using products from Elixinol and Blue Ridge Hemp Co. Elixinol provides us with our extract capsules, liposomes, and extract drops. Their founder, Paul Benhaim, traveled all over the world in search of the best hemp after realizing the potent power of the fatty acids found in hemp seeds. Their products are distributed to the US from Europe, where they are researched and developed by medical professionals and undergo rigorous pharmaceutical testing.

In addition to CBD that is taken internally, we also are using it topically for different kinds of pain ranging from migraines to back pain to neuropathy. We also offer therapeutic massage using CBD infused almond oil. It’s our new gold standard for pain relieving massage. Blue Ridge Hemp Co. is based out of Asheville, NC and provides us with our massage oils, gels, and salves. We love their icy-hot product and we can barely keep it on the shelves!

Soon, we’ll also be offering CBD products that are compounded with Chinese Herbs. We’re still in the research phase of this. Cara has been exacting standards regarding labeling, testing and safety.

Have you ever tried CBD products for pain relief? What was your experience like? If you’re curious, Six Fishes invites you to try a CBD massage, and book an appointment! Talk to our practitioners to see what CBD products they would recommend for your needs.

For the past two years, our founder Cara Frank has attended the World Cannabis Business Conference in New York City and returned with a wealth of knowledge on the properties of CBD. She was deeply moved when speaking to parents of severely ill children. Please check out non-profit group The Realm of Caring, to help provide cannabis to adults and children suffering from a multitude of diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, and Parkinson’s who cannot afford the treatment themselves. 

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Cara Frank is my ‘go to’ for Chinese herbal medicine. She has thirty years experience treating patients with acupuncture and herbs. Cara created the herbal medicine program at Won institute and is a current faculty member. She really knows her stuff! Her company, China Herb is right on the premises so my herbs are fresh and of the highest quality. Her knowledge of herbs is top notch. Booking appointments is easy and can be done online, front desk staff is very friendly, and even though it’s in the city, parking is not that bad! Want a trusted practitioner for Chinese herbs? Go see Cara!

Margaret C.