Heal from the root with Chinese Herbs

Six Fishes herbal formulas are expertly crafted and tailored to your exact health needs

  • Custom Herbal Formulas

    At Six Fishes, we treat our patients with both acupuncture and herbs, giving us the flexibility of using each modality to its best effect. Our approach gives us a bigger toolbox to help you. Book an Herbal Consultation with one of our experts and get your custom made treatment plan

  • written just for you

    Truly Custom Written Formulas

    No one else is like you. We take your health concerns seriously and we want the best outcomes. Whether we choose raw, concentrate or granules, we love nothing more than tailoring herb formulas so they match your health concerns exactly.  We also believe in transparency: The label will have your name, the date we made it and all the ingredients

  • Raw Herbs

    Raw Herbs

    This is the gold standard of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Highly customizable; we can write formulas to match your health concerns with precision. We’ve adapted traditional cooking methods so you only have to cook them once a week. Easy instructions can be dowloaded here

  • Liquid Concentrates

    Liquid Concentrates

    Effective, low alcohol herb concentrates. 8 pounds of herbs are used for every gallon we make. We have dozens of classic formulas and exclusive Six Fishes and Little Fishes formulas in stock. And if they aren’t a perfect match- we’ll write you a custom formula

  • Granule Concentrates

    Granule Concentrates

    Globally one of the most popular and effective ways to take herbs, we use 5:1 granules from Treasure of the East. We love how convenient, customizable and effective they are. They’re especially convenient when traveling. Fully tested for safety.

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Whether it’s your first step to a healthier life or your last resort, Chinese medicine gives you the power to make positive change.