Meet the Six Fishes Team

Like you, each practitioner at Six Fishes has fought their own health battles – and we’ve got the scars to prove it! At some point or another, we found Chinese medicine and it gave us our lives back, each in our own way. Since then, we’ve dedicated our lives to sharing Chinese medicine with others so they can access the same care and guidance that makes healthy change possible. 

Proud to Serve Philadelphia and Beyond


  • Six fishes is a one stop shop for healing! Herbs, acupuncture & massage, I came for pain in my back and stayed for the good service! I get semi-private acupuncture because it's super affordable and the grays ferry office is so bright and sunny and the secretary always goes above and beyond. I had only been a few times but she always remembers who I am and magically fits me in the schedule. Highly recommend!

  • S.J.

    My young teen was very ill with a digestive disorder. She was on a ton of medication and hospitalized twice. Nothing was working. She was treated by Beata and we received excellent care. We feel that these treatments were the turning point to her getting better . I highly recommend Beata. We also loved the receptionist. Thank you!

  • A.D.

    First lets talk about the inviting and relaxing, you literally walk in and feel at ease (maybe it's the soft sounds of running water in the background lol). Secondly, the staff. They are by far the friendliest care providers I've ever met in life, eastern medicine must have a permanent affect on mannerisms and demeanor. All are very knowledgeable....even Lauren, the receptionist knew to tell me to ask for the chamomile point first, in order to Calm my nerves during my first appointment...Joseph is so gentle, attentive, and quick. I've had a problem with my menses foreverrrrrrr and nothing in western medicine helped me....Acupuncture had result within the first week of trying it. I've been going weekly for about 2-2 1/2 months now and I've had major progress, I've even incorporated the herbal medicine they prescribe you at the other office. I'd recommend them for anything acupuncture can help you with.

  • K.C.

    Let me start by saying that acupuncture was something I'd always thought about trying but never did because I still considered it on the fringes of actual science. So when both my right shoulder got messed up and I started having issues related to carpal tunnel in my right forearm my chiropractor recommended it was about time to finally give it a whirl. The folks at SFNA and particularly my acupuncturist (is that a word?) Mike have been fantastic. And after two extremely and shockingly helpful and impactful visits acupuncture is now one of those things I really wished I'd tried when I was younger. Seriously, I couldn't even straighten my right arm without excruciating pain a week ago and immediately after my first session I was down to maybe 10% of the pain and almost full mobility. It literally made me laugh in surprise. Pretty wild! Highly recommend giving it a shot with a private consultation for your first visit. Also had cupping done as well, who knew that was a thing that is also amazing?! And also needles are like the one thing i don't like in this world and this is nothing like getting vaccines or giving blood so if that's a concern you should still totally try it.

  • B.K.

    I have gone to Six Fishes over the years for a variety of health concerns, from prenatal support to stress, sinus, and cold issues. I've mainly seen Cara Frank, but was also recently treated by Beata Maslanka. They are both amazing. I always feel attended to and cared for when I'm there. I am consistently struck by both the time they take with me and the attention to detail. As much as I like my primary care doctors, the difference in care feels like night and day. I've never felt rushed or felt as though I was being pushed through the system the way one can feel in the current standard healthcare setup. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for Six Fishes.


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Whether it’s your first step to a healthier life or your last resort, Chinese medicine gives you the power to make positive change.