• Melody Shen, L.OM.

    Melody Shen, L.OM.

    Acupuncturist at Six Fishes

    Melody's education focused on Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She also received a license in massage therapy from China. The range of modalities in East Asian Medicine allows her to diagnose and treat a wide range of people by combining all these modalities.
    She loves working with elderly patients, all kinds of pain, and internal medicine. When treating patients, she focuses on the root imbalances and how emotional stress impacts health.
    Melody also specializes in scalp acupuncture techniques, widely used for stroke recovery and neurological conditions. Her certificate in Chinese herbal diet therapy rounds out her practice. She believes combining acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is nearly magical in its power to balance the human body.

  • Chinese Medicine love story

    What brings you joy?

    When I discovered Chinese Medicine, I felt like it was a gift from the universe. I was born in Taiwan into a family with a deep connection to ancient Chinese culture. I spent all my summers in the National Palace Museum as a child.
    I’ve dedicated my life to exploring how ancient people understood life according to the natural world around them. I love studying Chinese medicine’s branches, including philosophy, literature, culture, and astrology.

  • how I work

    What's your super power?

    I practice compassionate listening to support people as they work through their pain. The pain is caused by both physical and emotional trauma. Real change is possible.
    I’m an avid student and book collector! Because I am from Taiwan and am a native Chinese Speaker, I have access to far more medical literature than is available in English. I work especially well with those experiencing pain–and specialize in musculoskeletal pain management. I also have expertise in internal medicine for treating headaches and supporting patients struggling with mental health. In addition, I work well with patients experiencing menstrual issues, infertility, elderly patients with spinal issues, Hemochromatosis, and those seeking facial and scalp acupuncture for anti-aging.

  • who I am

    What was before Six Fishes?

    Before Six Fishes, I was an exhibition curator, planner, marketing, brand manager, graphic designer, and writer. I studied history in college and am a big fan of movies and the arts. I love reading, watching movies, and listening to Bach, Chopin, Pink Floyd, and Chinese music.

    I always suggest my patients deeply look up their lifestyles to help them accelerate their own healing.

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