• Dori Miller

    Dori Miller

    Certified Practitioner in Acutonics®

    Dori Miller is a Certified Practitioner in Acutonics® Sound Healing which uses planetary tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the planets as they orbit around the Sun. Sessions with Dori offer a gentle and deep path to homeostasis. She relies upon clues delivered through your unique connection with the Cosmos and intuition during intake. Native American Shamanistic forms of healing, stones, gems, aromatherapy, chimes, and Tibetan singing bowls may be included when appropriate.

    Prior to your sound healing session, you will be asked for your birthdate, time and place so that your natal chart can be calculated. This way, the corresponding planetary frequencies of your birth time and place (your “moment point” of existence) will be selected for your personalized, sound healing session.


    What brings you joy?

    Working with oil paints on linen in my studio. Watching Le Tour de France. Spending time with friends over a fine meal that we made together. The unconditional love of animal companions. Sunrises by the ocean with coffee. The blissed out look on a client’s face the first time they experience sound healing, happens every time.


    Outside Of The Office

    Dori strives to find the correlations between Sound Healing and everything else and specializes in the Acutonics Ohm® Fibonacci Sequence treatment due to a belief that healing is best remembered from the Hypnogogic State. It is endlessly amazing how luxurious healing with Sound can be.

    Treatments are available for humans, animals, plant life, gardens, and spaces. Working with the molecular sounding of waters, herbal remedies, and nourishment can hold and store healings for later.

  • WHO I AM

    What was before Six Fishes?

    I never give up on a plant and I once had an amaryllis bulb bloom nine times before it was finished.
    I was and am a fine artist who works in oil painting and papermaking. I recently earned my MFA from PAFA. You can see my work at online !

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