• Ryan Craig

    Ryan Craig

    China Herb Manager

    Besides running China Herb Company, Ryan’s real passion is Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). Ryan Craig is a dedicated practitioner and teacher; he has over 20 years of experience in martial arts. He studied a southeast Asian martial art where he received his red sash (Junior Master) for over a decade. Ryan then studied Chen Taijiquan under the late Sifu Michael Rosario Graycar where he received his teaching certification. He’s gone on to study with Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Bing, Ren Guang Yi, Chen Ziqiang, Greg Pinney, and many other high-level practitioners.

    He has been with China Herb since its inception, hired by its original manager, Kenneth Jamison. Back then the business may have been smaller, but responsibilities also included babysitting a little Zia as she ran around her herb-filled after-school world.


    Tell us about China Herb

    In 1988, while studying at the Xi Yuan Hospital in Beijing, Cara Frank fell in love with Chinese herbal medicine. Returning to the U.S., she wasted no time building a personal herb dispensary. Soon, other acupuncturists began asking Cara to fill formulas for their clients. She quickly saw the need for a full-service dispensary of high quality that honors Chinese herbology traditions.


    How Did It All Begin?

    In 1991 she founded China Herb Company. Today, as the first mail-order Chinese herb dispensary in the U.S., China Herb Company is a committed advocate of the tradition of custom-written herbal formulas. Through the decades, she’s founded 2 Chinese Herb Departments, co-authored a textbook, created dozens of unique herbal products, and shared her knowledge freely with all who want to learn.


    Outside of the office

    Ryan is as passionate about his martial arts practice as is to being a father. Both keep him active and he and his wife live with their kids in south Philadelphia. He is currently teaching outdoors in Fairmount Parkland in Olde City Philadelphia, as well as with private students. Catch a class one day!

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