Celestial Acutonics Immersion

  • Acutonics® Sound Healing

    New for 2023: Celestial Acutonics® Immersion

    Acutonics Sound Healing

Join Certified Acutonics® Sound Healer Dori Miller for a year-long immersion to heal and care for every level of your Being.

This inaugural 2023 Celestial Acutonics Immersion package includes:

  • Four sound healing sessions during 2023’s Solstices and Equinoxes, personalized according to your birth astrology.
  • A curated collection of event-centric luxurious healings to delight your senses, including special teas and aromatherapy.

We think that Healing should feel luxurious:

  • All your senses will be engaged: Each session includes a personalized selection of the following:
    • Sound: A take-home recording of frequencies used in your sessions for sleep, meditation for healing between sessions
    • Scent: A special aromatherapy blend uniquely created for each session
    • Taste: Nourishment tea from Six Fishes
    • Touch: A special Elixir.
    • Sight: An original artwork by Dori, inspired by a year of getting to know you and your signature energy,
    • Quintessence: Celestial Event Essences

Your investment: $1000

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  • Immersion Intro Block

    What is Acutonics® ?

    Acutonics® is a non-invasive system of vibrational sound therapy that weaves together Traditional Chinese Medicine, psychology, and science. Utilizing precision-calibrated sound therapy tools (tuning forks, hand chimes, and symphonic gongs) tuned to the frequencies of the planets and asteroids: the treatment supports the body’s natural rhythms, balances energy, and promotes wellness. You’ll leave with a deep sense of inner harmony. Acutonics® is dedicated to returning art and spirit to medicine

The dates for the sessions

Spring Equinox: Sessions 17-19 March 2023

Summer Solstice: Sessions 23-25 June 2023

Autumnal Equinox: Sessions 22-24 September 2023

Winter Solstice: Sessions 15-17 December 2023

  • Dori Intro

    Dori Miller

    Certified Practitioner in Acutonics®

    Dori Miller is a Certified Practitioner in Acutonics® Sound Healing which uses planetary tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the planets as they orbit around the Sun. Sessions with Dori offer a gentle and deep path to homeostasis. She relies upon clues from your unique connection with the Cosmos and intuition during intake. She is also a fine artist, having recently earned her MFA. Read her full bio.