• Beata Maslanka Lc.OM

    Beata Maslanka Lc.OM


    Beata Maslanka Lc.OM is a licensed and board-certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She earned her degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a leader in patient-centered, traditional East Asian, and integrative healthcare. As an avid dancer, Beata is especially interested in practices that maintain optimum health, mobility, and performance long into older age. She believes in slowing down with age but not declining.

    "It gives me enormous satisfaction and joy to guide and advise my clients to feel better and improve their conditions. I am honored and privileged to be a part of the healing journey for everyone I treat".


    What brings you joy?

    One of Beata’s passions in acupuncture is facial rejuvenation treatment. This treatment helps many of her patients keep their youthful and healthy appearance while improving their overall health and well-being. Check out this video featuring her on ABC6 news and an interview with today.com. Anna De Souza and even Polish National TV.


    What’s your superpower?

    Beata also has a particular interest in emotional well-being. Through her practice, she has observed a clear connection between our emotional and mental fitness and our ability to heal and get better physically. This is especially evident in the treatment of women and couples trying for a child. Her mission is to transform this journey from a struggle to the most enjoyable and fulfilling one!

  • WHO I AM

    What was before Six Fishes?

    Beata has practiced since 2006. Her background includes internships at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, The Initiative for Women with Disabilities Program, St. Vincent Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York City, NY. In addition, Beata is currently enrolled in the Graduate Mentorship Program in Advanced Chinese Medicine with Sharon Weizenbaum. Beata’s patients come from all ages and backgrounds. She enjoys treating kids as much as adults! She loves the spontaneous interaction and unpredictability while treating children.

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