• Nicole Yassine, L.OM. MSTOM

    Nicole Yassine, L.OM. MSTOM

    Specializing in Reproductive and Digestive Health

    Nicole’s path to Chinese medicine began when she was seeking Acupuncture to help manage her anxiety and insomnia naturally. The treatments felt harmonious, with her feeling calm and rested.

    She was so impressed by this experience that it compelled her to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine. In addition to earning her Master’s of Science from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego in Acupuncture and herbal medicine, she also completed the Asian bodywork program.

    During her education, she developed an interest in Japanese Acupuncture. She loves blending these methods in her treatments.

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    Nicoles Specialty

    Nicole’s areas of specialty are reproductive health and fertility support, as well as the treatment of digestive disorders. While in school, she interned at UCSD as well as interning with a leading fertility and pregnancy specialist in San Diego. In Philadelphia, she practiced in an integrative fertility clinic before joining Six Fishes. She pursues new knowledge ongoing, educating herself with new research and classes to give her patients the most excellent care possible. Her passion for Chinese Herbal Medicine makes her a perfect match for Six Fishes.
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    Who inspires you?

    Nicole is grateful to her mentors. For two years, she interned with Deb Davies, DOM, a female reproductive health and pregnancy specialist. During her internship, she learned to navigate the complexities of pregnancy and reproductive health with Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Another significant mentor is Elizabeth Talcott, who shared her in-depth knowledge of Japanese Acupuncture. Since then, Nicole has expanded her expertise in Japanese Acupuncture with continuing education for the Mukaino method, which uses channel theory to test and treat pain conditions in the body. The system is so effective that it begins to relieve pain even before the treatment begins.
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    Outside of the office

    After finishing her Master’s degree in San Diego, she relocated to Philadelphia to be closer to family and has been loving getting to know this fantastic city. When she’s not treating patients, she is hanging out with her daughter and very spoiled dog and cat in their neighborhood of Fairmount. She warmly welcomes you to her practice.

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