We are committed to providing the greater Philadelphia community the best care from highly experienced practitioners, while giving you good value and flexibility with your budget and time.

We treat people of every age and with a wide range of health problems: from simple complaints, like a sprained ankle or a common cold to complex health conditions, like cancer or autoimmune diseases. Based on this, our clinic offers two similar, but different services: Private and Semi-private (or community) acupuncture treatments. 

Six Fishes offers two options for acupuncture treatment: Private acupuncture treatment and semi-private community acupuncture. We also use several other modalities,which includes, Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion. 

Private Acupuncture 

This is the best option for those with multiple health concerns that are difficult to diagnose and treat. People with conditions such as autoimmune disorders, reproductive health and fertility, neurological disorders, cancer support, dermatology or those on multiple medications also fall into this category. Further, if custom formulas are required, we will need to see them privately to allow the time for this.

Semi Private Acupuncture

Some people seek relief for simpler problems, such as knee pain or sciatica. They likely need only acupuncture, and don’t need customized herb formulas, nutritional counseling or other special hand-on techniques. Sometimes we can achieve better results with frequent, shorter acupuncture treatments. This is often the case with fertility where frequent treatments are proven to yield better outcomes. Finally, Sometimes the budget is just too tight for private acupuncture.

Please read our blog for a detailed description of the differences. 

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture originated in China over 2,500 years ago and is still used as a primary health care system throughout the world. Traditional Chinese medicine views disease as the result of an imbalance or blockage in the body’s natural energy flow and acupuncture is a method of balancing and building the body’s energy, known as “qi” (pronounced “chee”).

Acupuncturists insert sterile, disposable needles into special points that lay on pathways called channels or meridians, which act as conduits for energy circulation. In addition to needles, acupuncture treatment involves other modalities, such as moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and tuina massage. At Six Fishes, most treatments also include herbal treatment, as well as diet and lifestyle counseling.

Six Fishes works with five highly trained licensed acupuncturists. We treat people in every phase of life, from infants to the elderly.

Other Therapeutic Modalities: 

Acupuncture isn’t the only way we help people get back on their feet. Chinese medicine also includes several other key modalities: In addition to


Needles aren’t the only modality we use to alleviate pain. We also use a technique called cupping. Cupping therapy is popular for sports injuries and is used by athletes around the world to alleviate pain, stiffness and improve local circulation.  Cupping helps to alleviate stagnation and clear heat from the body. It helps to improve blood and lymphatic  flow to areas with poor circulation. 

At Six Fishes, we use cups made of glass, silicone as well as plastic. We use stationary fire cups, sliding cupping therapy and also facial cupping to improve skin tone. In addition to musculoskeletal pain, cupping can be used for skin problems, allergies, asthma and even migraine headaches.

Gua Sha

Like cupping, Gua Sha is a scraping technique that is used over an area of the body to alleviate pain and improve circulation. The “sha” is actually a mild kind of bruising that fades in a couple of days. It is an anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating therapy. We use it to alleviate pain, fevers, coughs, wheezing. Research suggests that it may be helpful in reducing fatty liver.  Traditionally,  a horn was used to scrape the skin. Many people use Chinese soup spoons or coins.   At Six Fishes, we use jar lids with a rounded edge which we purchase in bulk and then dispose of. 


The Chinese character for Acupuncture actually represents a needle and a moxibustion. Moxa refers to the burning of an herb, mugwort, on different locations on the body to warm and stimulate the immune system. The mugwort is processed so that it looks like fluffy wool. It  can then be hand rolled into little cones, or we use it prepared into large sticks. Traditionally, moxa can be burned directly on the skin, however we generally use indirect moxa so that the heat is near, but not on the skin. One of our favorite ways that we use moxa is to help turn breech babies. 

Smoking Cessation

We know how difficult quitting smoking is. We love helping people to quit. Acupuncture is well studied to help minimize the discomfort experienced when stopping smoking. We use a world renowned protocol commonly referred to as NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association). Dr. Michael Smith at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, NY, developed this protocol. Cara was fortunate to have interned there in the early 1980’s. She also interned at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn NY. At both hospitals, she treated hundreds of drug addicts. Now, every student is trained in this technique and the NADA is used worldwide.

To make it as easy as possible, we have a created a package deal:

10 treatments plus a bottle of an herbal formula to alleviate irritability for $250. That’s just over the cost of a pack a day habit for one month. You can come daily in the beginning (we recommend this). Easy! 

According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture effectively treats the following conditions:


Drug, alcohol, tobacco


High blood pressure, poor circulation, excessive sweating, edema, Raynaud’s disease


TMJ, toothache, dry mouth


Acne, eczema, rosacea, urticaria, chronic skin disorders


Heartburn (GERD), bloating, ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis, Crohns, anorexia and bulimia, hiccough, abdominal pain, acute and chronic gastritis, Biliary colic, Cholecystitis, Obesity

Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat

Conjunctivitis, central retinitis, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, Sore throat, Globus hystericus, rhinitis and sinus infections, acute tonsillitis, snoring and sleep apnea

Emotional & Psychological

Depression, anxiety, stress, grief, panic attacks, irritability and anger, obsessive thinking and worry, ADD/ADHD


Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Menses, Menopause, Premenstrual Syndrome, Menorrhagia

Immunological and Chronic conditions

Insomnia, Lupus (SLE), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Immune dysfunction, Hepatitis C, Cancer pain, Adverse reactions to radiation and/or chemotherapy, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, Stroke


Arthritis, back, neck, hip pain, sciatica, muscular tension, tendonitis), carpal tunnel

Fibromyalgia and fasciitis, Spine pain, Sprain, Stiff neck
 Neck pain, 
 thromboangiitis obliterans, Periarthritis of shoulder


Headaches, migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, neuralgia, vertigo, dizziness, Bell’s Palsy, peripheral neuropathy, Meniere’s disease, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, Facial spasm, Tourette’s syndrome, Herpes zoster and post -herpetic


Emphysema, Bronchial asthma, allergies, frequent colds, bronchitis


Incontinence, urgency, frequency, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, yeast infections, bladder and kidney stones