• Shae K. LeVa  L.OM.

    Shae K. LeVa L.OM.


    State and nationally licensed in East Asian medicine, herbs, and energy & bodywork.
    A recent transplant to Philadelphia from California, Dr. LeVa (Shae) is a seasoned and accomplished practitioner. Before moving here, she founded and directed several successful businesses in the East Bay of San Francisco, CA. These included: An all-organic Day Spa, “Little Calistoga,” A college of natural healing, the “American Institute of Natural Healings” (AINH), and a wellness center, “Northgate Center of Wellness,” where she and her team offered alternative medicine treatments in Walnut Creek. Five years treating patients with acupuncture in the chronic pain department of Kaiser Permanente Four years as a preventive medicine technician while serving overseas on active duty in the Army. This wide range of experience allows Shae to comfortably work with all age groups and many syndromes

  • What brings you joy?

    I discovered one of my greatest passions during the height of the covid pandemic. I had to make some hard decisions during this time, which included closing the doors of her thriving wellness center and moving to Pennsylvania, where my husband accepted a job promotion. This all led me to eventually find my ability to heal with art. After settling into the Philadelphia area, I began painting. I painted hundreds of paintings throughout the pandemic and wrote and illustrated two children’s books. I still end most of my days with a paintbrush, creating colorful angels and other spiritual art.

  • What is your superpower?

    I have the innate ability to “tap into the energy or “qi” that connects all living things and brings balance to them.
    I am a life-long learner. I loved studying healing techniques from ancient manuscripts while studying East Asian Medicine and have been drawn to many kinds of energy healing. I am certified in over 20 energy healing modalities, which I incorporate, as needed, to enhance the acupuncture sessions.

  • What was before Six Fishes?

    I knew I wanted to be a healer at the age of four when I witnessed a Shaman weave song, smoke, and light to heal someone. I spent much of my youth on different Indian reservations and have walked the “Red Road” for many years as a Lakota pipe carrier. As a result, I have a deep spiritual connection to the world and the people around me. It brings me great joy to help others truly heal on all levels and honors all spiritual beliefs and connections.

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