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    We work to support your immunity while minimizing side effects of your cancer treatment

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    A diagnosis of cancer is one of life's most challenging experiences. Chinese Medicine can complement and even enhance your treatment. We use safe, researched protocols to help improve blood counts, strengthen immunity, and alleviate nausea.  Cara's experience's with her patients led her to create two proprietary herbal formulas, Beyond Chemo, and Beyond Radiation, to help manage the side effects of cancer treatment.
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    Reduces nausea from chemotherapy Helps heal mouth sores and mucositis Reduces dry mouth from radiation Minimizes scarring and burns from radiation
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    Helps stimulate Red and White Blood Cell production Boosts platelet levels Helps build energy Supports Liver Health
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    Reduces hot flashes from estrogen suppression Eases discomfort caused by aromatase inhibitors Soothes Anxiety and Depression Helps reduce scarring from surgery

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