Distance isn’t a Barrier to Healing

  • Better Health from the Comfort and Safety of your Home

    Telehealth creates a flexible and meaningful way to maintain your health and wellness. Update your treatment plan, set new health goals, and keep your immunity strong. We’ll have an open and confidential dialogue to discuss your health concerns, your symptoms, even where you’re at emotionally. And just like during in-person office visits, we will examine your tongue and then customize our recommendations. All from the safety and convenience of your home.
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    Your Vital Tool for Wellness

    You can easily book online with all our acupuncturists. Or call us- just like when you come in for treatment, we’ll connect you with the best practitioner for your specific health concerns. You’ll receive an invite to join the meeting through your computer. There’s even an app for your smartphone or tablet.

  • Custom Herbal Formulas

    Custom Herbal Formulas

    Nothing matches the precision and effectiveness of a Chinese Herb Formula written just for you. For your convenience, we ship all herbs and supplements direct. As a Six Fishes patient you have access to Full Script, our online vitamin dispensary, which always includes a 15% discount.
  • Guided Qi Meditation

    Guided Qi Meditation

    We partner with you to empower yourself to heal. This powerful meditation guides your energy to move stagnation, build your energy and deeply relax
  • Fertility Coaching

    Fertility Coaching

    Using the Six Fishes Methods to treat female and male fertility challenges, we'll coach you to improve your diet, tailor your supplements, and provide you with research-based herbal formulas. You're unique, so every journey is customized just for you.

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