Chinese Medicine in the time of COVID-19

Chinese Medicine in the time of COVID-19

We are embracing change.

Novel Corona virus and COVID-19 is a global pandemic unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s affected the lives of every single person on earth. 

While acupuncture is considered an essential service, I, along with all the practitioners, felt that we must contribute to flattening the curve. Until we know for certain that we are not infected with the Corona Virus, we remain closed. We are meeting regularly to determine how we will treat patients who need us, safely. 

I am 60, with immuno-compromised family members. Based on this, I haven’t determined when I can return to my acupuncture practice. I remain here for you with telemedicine appointments and I want to see you! 

Every challenge brings an opportunity

Ours has been the launch of telemedicine. Janeapp, our EMR, fast-tracked a HIPAA compliant platform, and it’s been a wonderful experience. We can see each other. Have an open and confidential dialogue, examine your tongue and then make recommendations to keep you well and get you well. 

We value you and want to help keep you healthy

Six Fishes is part of a community. A community that includes you. Part of our part mission is to share knowledge generously and freely. For those of you on Facebook, the entire staff  will be hosting Facebook Live events on a range of topics: advice on herb safety, fertility challenges during the pandemic, managing anxiety, qi gong and setting up your office correctly to work at home and more. Make sure to like Six Fishes Business Page so we can say hello!

Chinese Herbal Medicine remains a vital tool for health and wellness. Now more than ever. 

We Are Essential To Maintaining Your Health And Wellness:

Western medical doctors are overwhelmed and must be available for the most critically ill patients. Acupuncturist are licensed by the Board of Medicine in PA and we are considered an essential service. 

As of yesterday, we began to consult with COVID-19 patients. The requests for telemedicine have become more urgent and we are making ourselves availbe and flexible with our schedules. Even though we have “office hours”, we quickly realized that was not going to be adequate. If you feel poorly, have a fever or a cough call us. 

Our staff will start every intake with a survey of any COVID-19 symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Because epidemics have been discussed through the history of Chinese medicine with thorough, complete theories. We are studying all the data from China regarding successful management of COVID-19.

Our primary goal is to support your health, so you don’t get sick. Heaven forbid you to contract COVID-19, our goal is to keep your symptoms at the level of a bad cold or mild flu.

Most herb formulas and supplements are still in stock

But some supplies are running low, please call us sooner rather than later so we can get you set up with a little herbal medicine cabinet. Don’t risk unnecessary exposure to buy supplements and herbs. You can also order supplements with 15% off from Full Script. You can have supplements shipped or we can arrange for contactless pick-up at  our 15th Street location. 

Beata MaslankaNicole Yassine and Cara Frank are all Licensed Herbalists and are offering telemedicine appointments.

We are also offering a broader type of consultation for the patients of Julie PriceBec Jimenez and Charles Illingworth so they can keep serving the community with everything they have to offer. These include dietary advice, lifestyle advice, movement therapy to do at home as well as supplement recommendations – 

Email or call or book your consult with your favorite practitioner, for herbs, advice, or if you just need an ear, we are here for you. 

Regarding Insurance Benefits for Telemedicine:

We’re working hard to get clarity on this; however, it has been difficult to get clear answers.

Here’s what we (think we) know so far:  

  • Health Partners Plans will cover telemedicine. They will also pay for phone consultations. We do not know if the co-pay is waived
  • Aetna is covering telemedicine, for 90 days beginning 3/5/20.
  • United Health Care does not pay for out of network telemedicine

Here’s what we don’t yet know: 

  • We don’t know the status of IBX. We assume they will pay for consults as the norm now. 
  • Horizon: We’re still researching this
  • New patients: we do not know if we can bill for new patients or just focus on follow-up visits.

So for now, new patients will be charged; however, we are submitting everyone’s insurance to see what happens. If you feel unable to afford your co-pay, please contact us anyway. We are happy to defer it to a later date.

We are here for you and we want to help

Wishing you and your loved ones good health!