Six Fishes Daily Disinfecting Checklist

Six Fishes Daily Disinfecting Checklist

In anticipation of re-opening the office we updated all our office disinfection procedures. I created a check list so we know the space is as sanitized as possible. Each day that a practitioner works, they’ll check off the items on the list and sign it.

I also replaced the carpeted floors in the treatment rooms with laminate flooring, which is easier to clean. For now, we’re treating only one patient an hour. When we’re comfortable with that, we’ll go to 2 people an hour. The idea is to never have patients overlap in the waiting room (safer than the grocery!) and have time to sanitize in-between. We don’t have front-desk help for the moment because they are not considered an essential service. We’re re-evaluating and discussing this as a team weekly, daily, as often as we need to keep up with a rapidly changing terrain.

I’m sharing this with everyone: for our patients, so we have full transparency of all the steps we’ve taken to protect you and us. And this document is for acupuncturists everywhere. You’ll all be re-opening soon and you needn’t reinvent the wheel.

Have I missed anything? Let me know. It’s a living document and I’m open to improving it.

Wishing you all good health!