• Dr. Rachelle Jean-Paul

    Dr. Rachelle Jean-Paul

    Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist at six fishes

    As a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, Rachelle’s practice focuses primarily on women’s health and fertility, integrative oncology support and pain management. She enjoys seeing clients from all walks of life but, is she is most passionate about educating medically-marginalized communities, on holistic wellness.

    While in graduate school, Rachelle became exposed to the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It allowed her to work through her anxieties and traumas, in a way she never knew was possible. Seeing how beneficial it was, she felt compelled to learn more and took on a second degree, from the University of Bridgeport.


    What Brings you Joy?

    Seeing people flourish gives me tremendous joy! It’s a beautiful thing to witness progress, in the right direction and I am not ashamed to be your biggest cheerleader. I want to see my patients win. I want to see them overcome their illnesses. This is what keeps me energized. I had a few pivots in my search for my calling. In my heart, I knew my career was to be in healing.


    What is your Superpower?

    My compassion is my superpower. It’s a big part of medicine that is not given enough credit. Far too often have I encountered patients who’ve become jaded by allopathic medicine and have little faith in healers. With me, I make certain that people know that they are in a safe space. It also allows me to listen to someone and help them determine the root cause of their disease. My goal, with every patient, is to see what that is and foster true healing, at its source.

  • WHO I AM

    What was before Six Fishes?

    I was born and raised in Connecticut, with a strong sense of my Haitian heritage. There, I attended UCONN, studying molecular biology and later, public health. These academic opportunities led me into a short career in community, translational research, where I worked on several patient-specific projects and grant-writing, but I came to really understand how my Caribbean-centered upbringing informed my passion for holistic healing through my studies of medicine and Acupuncture.

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