Herbal Consultations

No one is more concerned about herb safety than Six Fishes. We feel it is our responsibility to uphold high standards, and thus we take the issues regarding herb safety very seriously.
We only use herbs tested for bacteria, heavy metals, molds, fungus, and pesticides. Furthermore, We uphold the standards of CITES which means that we use no material that comes from endangered species. We use herbs and formulas that are manufactured in cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities. To ensure everyone’s safety, we have a sophisticated batch tracking system. All custom formulas come labeled with the date, the invoice number as well as the ingredients to ensure safety accuracy and transparency.

TThe most common side effect of herbs is gas, bloating, or other minor digestive disorders. This kind of reaction is easily corrected by modifying the herb formula. Be sure to inform your practitioner immediately if you notice any adverse reactions.

One of the most significant differences is that in traditional Western Herbology, single herbs are often used. Chinese Herbology primarily uses formulas. Formulas are combinations of herbs that can address a variety of complex complaints. Formulas are written to maximize the effects of the primary herbs while minimizing any possible side effects. At Six Fishes, we specialize in writing custom herbal formulas. Classical formulas are modified to address your complaints.

No problem! We offer a lot of choices. While raw herb formulas might be the gold standard, they aren’t always practical for everyone. We regularly use concentrated liquids and granular concentrates because they work and are so convenient. We also keep dozens of formulas manufactured into tablets and capsules.

If we’ve given raw herbs to decoct, they’ll come in a large bag of exotic looking twigs, leaves, and roots. This herbal formula will have been written specifically for you. We’ll give you cooking directions. You’ll also find them right on the website, under instructions and forms. We’ve created 3 easy ways and with our method, you only have to cook them weekly. Do it whole you’re preparing dinner!
In general, they don’t taste familiar. Some herbs are bitter, and some are sweeter. The flavor is an indication of the herbs’ action. Regardless of the taste, the most crucial part is that you’ll begin to feel better.

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