I’ve got a lot of health problems. Can you treat more than one condition at a time?

The short answer is yes. Chinese Medicine doesn’t treat “diseases.” It treats “patterns.” These “patterns” can include any number of western medical conditions. Chinese diagnosis and treatment are paradigmatically different than Western Medicine. We have a saying: “Different diseases, same treatment; same disease, different treatment.” For example, we might treat three patients for headaches; each will receive a unique acupuncture treatment and a custom herb formula. That’s because the first person had a sinus headache, the second a tension headache, the third had neck pain. Each problem presents uniquely: it reflects a different pattern, a different diagnosis, and a different treatment.
On the other hand, one patient might have a headache, and the next patient has reflux. Because they both might present with the same pattern, they’d be treated with similar points and herbal formulas.

Chinese Medicine views the body, mind, and spirit as part of these patterns, making it a truly holistic system.