Acupuncture and CBD: A Match Made in Heaven

Acupuncture and CBD: A Match Made in Heaven

By Michael Keane, L.Ac

Often patients are so relaxed after an acupuncture treatment that I joke about how common it is for people to experience a blissed-out ‘acupuncture high’. Turns out, this may not be so far from the truth.

There is a wealth of amazing scientific research from the last decade which now shows that when functioning properly, our bodies and brains have their own internal chemical factories which create and distribute naturally occurring, pain-relieving, and anxiety-reducing substances such as endogenous opioids and endogenous cannabinoids. The best part is, research also shows that regular acupuncture treatments stimulate these same neurological systems to balance and release these chemicals naturally. How cool is that? 

Here’s a quick summary of what Acupuncture and CBD have in common:

  • Both release endocannabinoids and balance other neurological receptor systems
  • Both are effective to relieve stress, chronic pain, and anxiety
  • They reduce inflammation
  • Both are effective strategies to help with sleep issues, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and more

Here at Six Fishes, we’re diving into the study of the endocannabinoid system and the applications of CBD. We are already ecstatic about all our CBD (cannabidiol)products. They are made from the non-intoxicating CBD molecule derived from the hemp plant which we then source from the highest-quality manufacturers. Research has shown that the CBD molecule has the amazing ability to modulate some really critical molecular receptor systemsin our brains and bodies, such as the endocannabinoid system, serotonin receptors, vanilloid receptors, and various other important neurological receptors and ion channels. This fact has made CBD an extremely important topic of scientific research for its beneficial effects on disorders such as anxietypaininflammationsleep issuesmigrainesgastrointestinal issuesepilepsy, and many more.

Naturally, we are so excited to also learn of studies emerging which show that acupuncture treatments naturally release endogenous cannabinoids and interacts with the various endocannabinoid receptors.[1][2][3]This is just one of many reasons why people find that acupuncture is so powerful at reducing stress, pain, and anxiety, as well as treating so many different medical disorders. Endocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system are yet another exciting example of how modern scientific research is confirming the traditional, time-tested approach of acupuncture therapy.

So, come on down to Six Fishes for a healthy dose of acupuncture. And while you’re at it, check out all our amazing oral, topical, and cosmetic CBD products for a double dose of goodness that you can take home with you! We’re careful to source all our products from the best manufacturers, so you know that you’re getting safe, tested, and organic CBD.

-Michael Keane is passionate about treating internal disorders such as digestive issues and anxiety, he helps his clients identify the patterns and causes of their disharmony. He engages his patients an in-depth, diagnostic dialogue to create effective, healing treatment plans tailored to each unique individual. With a background in Philosophy and a passion for Art, he blends many influences to bring a unique, flexible, and effective approach to his practice. Read his full bio to get to know more about him. Mike sees patients at Six Fishes Neighborhood Acupuncture on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Schedule an appointment