Help Six Fishes End Period Poverty

Help Six Fishes End Period Poverty

Summer’s here-
So let’s raise money for tampons!

Got your attention! 😊

Lately, I’m saddened and outraged by the lack of access to menstrual products. This includes homeless as well as high school and college students. 

Never once in my life have I worried about access to tampons or pads. 

  • The ACLU reports in The Unequal Price of Periods that one in 5 teenagers can’t afford menstrual products, causing them to miss school, resulting in missed opportunities. Do the math- 20% of not just teens, but the menstruating population at large can’t afford the most basic necessity. 
  • The homeless often resort to using newspaper or paper towels. Some students resort to using socks.
  • People in prison are often forced to beg for tampons and pads. Makeshift tampons put them at risk for toxic shock syndrome. This is beyond degrading. 
  • Tampons and Pads are actually taxed! In Philadelphia we aren’t charged tax on clothing. 
  • Food stamps don’t cover menstrual products. 
  • The transgender community can also be impacted. Many trans men still their uterus and still menstruate. This community generally faces economic hardship, putting menstrual products out of reach. 
  • The Black and LatinX population is most vulnerable to period poverty. 
  • Lacking access to products used during menstruation is also linked to depression.
  • Period Poverty should be an easily correctable public health crisis. 

For years, we’ve been a drop-off point for I Support the Girls: a non-profit dedicated to collecting bras and menstrual products and donating them to the homeless. 

This June, Six Fishes will donate 100% of the profits from our Full Script Sales to Philadelphia non-profits

Here’s how you can help:

Last June, our fundraiser for Black and BIPOC maternal wellness by donating 100% of the profits from our Full Script sales. We raised $600 for the Maternity Care Coalition and almost $400 for the Philly Birth Fund. It far exceeded my expectations. 

I realized that this is a powerful, yet easy, tool to raise funds to support others wellness.

Most of you take vitamins anyway!

When you order through Full Script, you’ll get 15% off thousands of supplements. And we’ll donate 100% of the June profits to local groups. So do good by staying healthy! It’s a win for everyone! 
Stock up on what you use, let your friends know (anyone can order- just head to the shop tab at

Feel welcome to Donate boxes of tampons and pads anytime.
And ladies, how’s about cleaning out your lingerie drawer? I bet you’ve got 5 bras you don’t wear. If they’re in good shape, and clean, drop them off at either location. 

I’ll report back at the end of the month with the groups we chose, and the amount we raise and what we were able to purchase with it.

Here’s to a joyous summertime!

Cara and All of us at Six Fishes